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Resume building

Land your next job. Quicker, Faster, and Easier!

Chris has hired for multiple top-tier companies including Uber, Microsoft, Visa, Okera, T-Mobile, and eBay! With over 6 years of experience as a recruiter and sourcer I have looked at more than 130,000 resumes during my career and I know exactly what hiring managers look for and what type of resumes will be fast-tracked to interviews. I have hired candidates in almost all industries but I mostly specialize in Engineering, Security, Business Operations, HR, Marketing, Finance, and Sales. You name it and I have recruited in that domain space!

I love helping people and I am most passionate about giving career advice to find your career, building resumes and cover letters from scratch, and providing interview preparation. A good resume has much more to do with then just how it looks and whats on it.

Reach out to me now if you're looking for a consultation appointment and to hear more about how my services can help you land a job quickly during this tough job market!

Check out the three different packages that I offer below!

What each plan offers 

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