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How to build the perfect resume!

Struggling to build out your resume and getting rejected from lots of jobs? The market is very competitive right now so take advantage of building the perfect resume and getting career advice and interview preparation!

It can come down to multiple things!

Everything from:

  • Formatting, always make it a PDF!

  • Visualization of a resume with how it looks.

  • Keyword optimization (is it passing ATS and recruiter searches?)

  • Include contact information and a professional objective.

  • Are you highlighting relevant achievements?

  • Are you articulating your metrics and job duties in a consistent and fluent manner that sets you apart from the competition?

Always remember the: "3 C'S" and "5 P's" for the perfect resume!

  • Categorization

  • Consistency

  • Conciseness

  • Personal Branding

  • Pitch

  • Presentation

  • Professionalism.

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Reach out if you need help!

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