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Now Available for Career Coaching



I'm Chris Finch, the founder of Resume Buzzz.  I created Resume Buzzz, because it was my goal to become a professional resume/LinkedIn writer, career coach, advisor, and be able to give you the biggest advantage in landing your dream job and cracking interviews. As a recruiter, I have received hundreds of messages from candidates on what makes the perfect resume, the best ways to prepare for interviews, how to find ways to connect with hiring managers/recruiters, and how to break into a new domain space but I never offered a direct service while being a full-time employee and am now excited to launch my own company to help all of you out!

With over 6 years of experience working on engineering, privacy, security, and non-technical roles I have worked at some of the most prestigious companies that also have the highest interview bars such as Uber, Microsoft, eBay, and Visa. 

Be sure to check out all of the services I have launched and which one is right for you!

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